Investment Thesis

The Opportunity

Vince Strategies, through their expertise in quantity allocations, seeks to achieve a high risk adjusted return by:

  • Minimizing time between equity highs.
  • Remaining close to equity highs.
  • Outperforming similar long-short equity funds while reducing drawdowns.
  • Utilizing an over-engineered hedge so as to truncate downside risk and, in extreme cases, to barbell performance.

Quantity is the only thing the manager has complete control over.

  • Ultimately, a fund manager cannot control the direction of markets. The only thing he truly does have control over is the size of his positions.
  • One thing we have control over is the one thing most managers and investors focus on very little.
  • No one knows more about quantity than Ralph Vince. 

The Investment Process

The structure of the fund is set up to provide liquidity, transparency, and capacity. 

  • Vince Strategies provides for liquidity. There isn't any lockup period on invested funds, and there are no gates.  Funds can be withdrawn at the end of every calendar quarter for up to the full amount of the invested funds.
  • Vince Strategies provides for transparency. All Fund investments are listed issues and options. There are no questions or ambiguities about the pricing of the assets in the funds.
  • Vince Strategies funds under management never employ leverage.
  • Vince Strategies funds are always managed with an over-engineered hedge.

These elements make for a satisfied client.

The Manager's Nemesis